Decorative Dyes & Concrete Acid Stains in Fulton County, GA

Say goodbye to boring and lifeless gray concrete floors!

Concrete acid stains offer beautiful dye colors to match your interior design and create a custom look that is uniquely your own.

The available color sections make your choices almost endless. The natural tones of acid stain floors can stand up to ultraviolet rays and may even be used to stain stamped concrete for exterior applications.

Residential and commercial interiors also benefit from decorative overlays and skim coats. Our clients may choose from two dye options: 

Water-based dyes- offer softer colors for a muted, mette effect 


Solvent-based dyes- provide more vibrant colors to make bold decor statements.

Concrete Flooring Color Options

The acid stain flooring systems we use here at AAA Southern States Refinishing utilizes self-leveling concrete in gray or white. We integrate the base with whatever stain color or concrete dye you choose. It is applied to the floor surface and provides the perfect medium to create decorative concrete floors for home or office. We then seal the finished floor with a protective layer that also intensifies the stained concrete color.

Concrete Acid Stains & Colors for Self-Leveling Concrete in Georgia

Decorative concrete floors with concrete acid stains and dyes on self-leveling concrete provide an ideal approach for residential and commercial flooring options. The coatings range in thickness from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch.

Generally, we apply 2 to 3 layers and integrate the colors with topical acid staining or dyeing the concrete itself. The coloring options are pretty much unlimited and may be custom-mixed for just the right colors to match your decor.

As displayed in the image with the yellow, white, and blue colors, the decorative surface options are only limited by your imagination. From classic seamless concrete to decorative borders and tiling, you basically have your choice of designs and patterns.

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We specialize in decorative concrete acid stains and dyes for homes and commercial floors

Throughout Fulton and Gwinett Counties including Atlanta downtown & suburbs.


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