epoxy floors for garagesWhen homeowners consider renovating the flooring in their homes, they often forget to consider flooring they may need to install in their garages. However, it is important to make this consideration to that particular part of your home. This is one area of the home that handles a lot of wear and tear. For example, the flooring may be subjected to oil stains and grease stains from parked vehicles or chips in the flooring from tools. Fortunately, by adding epoxy floors for garages to this area, your garage will have a strong shield that will transform the boring cement into a beautiful surface.

This type of flooring is used not only in residential spaces but used in commercial buildings as well. In fact, it is commonly seen in the showrooms of auto dealerships. Epoxy floors for garages can give your indoor garage space the same luxurious look. There are a variety of applications that you can select such as traditional solid hues and colors to custom blends that complement the color of your vehicle, sports teams or house.

Understand Epoxy

So, what exactly is epoxy? Despite what many people think, it is not the same as paint. Epoxy is a resin with thermosetting that is generally applied as coating. The resin is created when a polyamine hardener is mixed with epoxide resin. The hardener helps to give epoxy the durability it is known for.

Instead of drying like paint, epoxy cures. During the curing process, epoxy becomes even stronger. As a result, the material is thicker than paint and can bond strongly to a floor’s surface.

Why Add Epoxy Floors for Garages To Your Garage Floor?

There are several benefits to having epoxy floors for garages. The major reason has already been stated, durability. It will help make your garage floor resistant to chips, stains, chemicals and any type of abrasions on the surface. This means that you do not have to worry about damage to the floor if your vehicle is leaking oil, or if a hammer is dropped on the floor.

Epoxy can also cover up any imperfections that may be visible on the garage floor such as spider cracks and other types of flaws.

Epoxy floors for garages are very easy to clean and are resistant to moisture. You no longer have to neglect the floor in your garage. Help it look its very best by adding epoxy flooring for your garage.

If you are considering epoxy floors for garages in your Cumming, GA home, contact Southern States Refinishing for more information.

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