• Project: Epoxy and dyed concrete floors at the Auto Gallery in Buford Georgia, Gwinnett 30518. 
  • Address: 4135 Buford Dr, Buford, GA 30518
  • Phone: 770-831-7001
  • Time: 6 days
  • Unusual Factors: Our team was very excited to start this project in Buford, Georgia because it was our largest epoxy garage. One of the obstacles we faced was having to coat over the existing floor. The previous flooring in the Auto Gallery was tile so Southern States Refinishing had to grind the tile very carefully without chipping it. 

Our Largest Epoxy Garage

At the Auto Gallery in Buford, Geogria

After Tile Grinding

Step 1: First, since the Auto Galleries floor in Buford, Georgia needed to be coated over the existing floor we needed to grind the tile smooth. There was about 20,000 sq. ft. of tile. Our team had to ensure none of the tile would chip during the grinding process. Southern States Refinishing used special copper diamonds that are made for marble floors. 

Step 2: After grinding the tile with copper diamonds the floor needed to be deep cleaned and decreased. This was done to ensure no wax residue from the tile was still on the floor. For this step we used an auto scrubber with a course black pad. After several cleans the tile was inspected and ready to coat with epoxy.

Step 3: Next, Southern States Refinishing applied two coats of 100% epoxy, flake broadcast. Then, we added a top coat with key resin 450 clear aliphatic urethane. This helps the epoxy last longer for all the cars and people coming in and out of the Auto Gallery in Buford, Georgia. 

Epoxy Flake in the Auto Gallery in Buford, Georgia
Epoxy Flake in the Auto Gallery in Buford, Georgia

Step 4: Lastly, to apply the stain and dye in the showroom our team removed 2,000 sq. ft. of tile. After removing the tile we ground the concrete floor smooth using 50 grit diamonds. We then used Ameripolish Dye for an eye catching concrete floor. Southern States Refinishing finished the floor by applying Densifier and sealer to help the floor look nice and new for years to come. 

Auto Gallery in Buford, Georgia Showroom with Dye

Auto Gallery in Buford, Ga: Epoxy & Stain:


A beautiful concrete floor to compliment the cars shown at the Auto Gallery in Buford, Georgia. Not only will these epoxy and stained concrete floors catch peoples eye but they are very durable. Epoxy and dyed concrete floors are ideal for auto galleries and garages because cars won’t cause any damage. Additionally, they also contain non-slip additives making them much safer to walk on, especially for areas with heavy foot traffic. Southern States Refinishing offers epoxy concrete and stain & dye for both commercial and residential floors. We have been proudly serving North Georgia since 1980. Our team offers FREE no-hassle quotes in Cumming, Gainesville, Lawrenceville, and the surrounding cities in North Georgia, call us at 770-355-2453 and set up an appointment! 

Services Included for Epoxy and Dyed Concrete Floors in Buford, Georgia

  • Diamond Grinding Tile Smooth
  • Tile Removal
  • Dye Concrete Floors
  • Two Different Colors of Epoxy with Flakes

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