Bathtub Refinishing in Alpharetta, Georgia

AAA Southern States Refinishing provides high-quality bathtub refinishing in Alpharetta GA. If your bathtub is in need of a new look or repair, or you just want a change, AAA Southern States Refinishing is Atlanta's trusted bathtub refinisher.porcelain bathtub refinishing - Southern States Refinishing Alpharetta

Bathtub Refinishing

Looking to refinish your outdated bathtub and give your Alpharetta home a new look?  Call AAA Southern States Refinishing and let us help you.  We can resurface your Alpharetta tub whether it's made out of porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, or cultured marble.  Even if you've got a Jacuzzi or clawfoot-style bathtub, AAA Southern States Refinishing can give it a whole new life. Bathtub repair will help your tub have a longer life and save money in your pocket.

Bathtub Repair

AAA Southern States Refinishing can also repair your Atlanta bathtub, shower, or Jacuzzi.  We can fill cracks and chips, repair tile grout, and eliminate thermal cracks. Our team can even fix your fiberglass bathtub, shower or Jacuzzi.  Give AAA Southern States Refinishing a call at (770) 355-2453 to learn more about bathtub refinishing in Alpharetta, GA and get a free estimate.

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  • Longer Life-span: The best way to get the most out your bathtub is making sure it’s well taken care of. Bathtub refinishing will add years to your tub, shower, or Jacuzzi’s life.
  • Economical: Bathtub refinishing is much more affordable than replacing your old tub. Call Southern States Refinishing at 770-355-2453 for a free quote and see how much you can save over a replacement. 
  • Easy to Clean: Bathtub refinishing will close pores left behind by harsh cleaners. This will help a create an easy to clean surface.
  • Appearance:Your bathtub in Alpharetta will look like you just bought a new one after AAA Southern States Refinishing repairs the cracks and removes those old stains. 
  • Eco-Friendly! When you choose to have your bathtub repaired instead of purchasing a new one you are avoiding tossing an old tub into a landfill and helping the environment. 
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