Peachtree Loft Condominiums in Midtown Atlanta
  • Project: Peachtree Loft Condominiums, Atlanta Georgia, Midtown
  • Address: 878 Peachtree st. NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30309
  • Phone: 404-815-0101
  • Size: 1100 sq. ft. 
  • Time: 4 days
  • Unusual Factors: This project had two obstacles. The first one was that the job was on the 6th floor with no access to bring up our heavier equipment. Such as our 700 lb grinder, but we don’t let the small things stop us from getting the job done. Instead, we used our 200 lb grinder and it worked just as well. Second, due to hardwood floors being the previous flooring solution there was thick, rubbery wood glue covering the entire floor. We used a poly crystalline diamond cup wheel and a tile stripper to remove all of the residue on the concrete floors. 

Polishing and Staining Concrete Midtown, Atlanta Process

After Glue Removal

Day 1: First, we prepped the concrete floors where there were large wood splinters and thick glue. We were able to do this by using a tile stripper.

Day 2: Next, in order to complete polishing and staining the concrete floors at the Peachtree Loft Condominiums in Atlanta on time, we found a quicker way to remove the wood splinters and glue. Our team used a hand grinder with a PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond) cup wheel simultaneously with the tile stripper. PCD is used for any heavy removal situations. After this step, we began to hand grind and strip the entire concrete floor. 

Day 3: Once all the glue was removed we were able to hand grind the concrete floors. We used a rough diamond cup wheel to remove heavy scratches left over from glue and splinter removal and provide a smooth finish. Then, using a planetary grinder with 16/20, 50, and 100 grits we polished the concrete floors.  

Concrete floor after grinding process

Day 4: Then, we began the cleanup process. We vacuumed and swept to remove dust that settled overnight. Lastly, we polished and stained the concrete floors using a grey Ameripolish Concrete Stain. Our team used three coats of sealer which included: one solvent based sealer coat, two water-based sealer coats, and three to four coats of floor wax. This will give the polished and stained concrete floors at the Peachtree Lofts in Atlanta a shiny, durable, and long-lasting color. 

Stained concrete floors on the left side and before applying stain on the right side

Final Product

An economical, smooth, and slip-free concrete floor that has an attractive finish and will create a dust-free environment. This flooring solution is perfect for homes, basements, garages, and warehouses.

Final Product: Stained & Polished Concrete at the Peachtree Loft Condominiums in Midtown, Atlanta

Products Used to Polish and Stain Concrete Floors at Peachtree Lofts

Ameripolish Concrete Stain: A colorant for polished concrete that mixes with water or acetone. The formula includes UV stabilizers to prevent fading as well as a penetrating agent to create a deep and luxurious long-lasting color.  

PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond): Used on concrete floors that have thick glue or need a heavier removal tool to create a smooth surfaces.

Lavina Planetary Grinder: This concrete grinder provides a forced belt-driven planetary movement, which allows the user to continue polishing concrete floors under nearly any situation. 

Rough Diamond Cup Wheel: This is used for grinding concrete, removing uneven surfaces, and remove more aggressive material. 

Tile Stripper: Contains a vibrating blade to lift large areas of tiles. Southern States Refinishing found this tool helpful removing the the thick glue and wood splinters left behind from the previous floors. 

200 Pound Grinder: Used on concrete floors with diamond grits to create a smooth surface. 

Services Included for Peachtree Lofts in Midtown, Atlanta :

  • Grinding
  • Concrete Polishing & Staining

About Southern States Refinishing Polishing and Staining Services

Southern States Refinishing has been serving the North Georgia and Atlanta area since 1980. We are a local family owned business that is trained and knowledgeable in concrete staining and polishing techniques. With over 20 years of experience we are able to provide these services in residential and commercial settings. We have provided concrete staining and polishing in commercial kitchens, gyms, warehouses, etc. throughout Midtown and Atlanta, Georgia. You can rest easy knowing you have a concrete repairer in your area! 

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