bathtub repairs and refinishingBathtub repairs and refinishing can save hotel owners a lot of money in bathroom renovations. Dingy bathtubs can be refinished for a fraction of the cost it would be to replace them. This means that hotels may be able to save up to 80% on bathtub replacement costs by choosing to have the tubs refinished instead. These savings are not only beneficial in the hospitality industry but for homeowners too.

What Are the Differences between Bathtub Repairs, Refinishing, and Bathtub Replacement?

Are you are considering bathtub repairs and refinishing for an older tub in your home? The first thing that you should know is not every tub can be refinished. The ones that cannot be refinished will have to be replaced. It is also important to keep in mind that a replacement project is often messy as well as expensive.

Tubs that are older generally have different dimensions from the newer tubs that are on the market. This can pose a problem if you are attempting to place another tub in the same spot where the older bathtub was once positioned.

Although a newer bathtub may only cost a few hundred dollars, the total replacement project may cost several thousand dollars.

During a renovation, walls in and around the bathroom may have to be demolished, and/or tiles in the bathroom may have to be replaced. In addition, you may have to hire an electrician and plumber to complete wiring and plumbing work in the property.

On the other hand, bathtub refinishing will save hotel owners and homeowners time and money because most of the time this type of renovation can be completed in a day or less. This process causes minimal interruption to hotel guests or homeowners. Plus, the bathtubs are ready for use within 48 hours after the refinishing project is completed.

Bathtub Repairs and Refinishing Advantages

Resurfacing bathtubs helps to eliminate cracks, burns, leaks, chips and other damage to the tub. During refinishing, safety strips can be installed into the tubs to prevent slips and falls.

Refinishing bathtubs is also environmentally friendly. Older tubs that cannot be refinished end up in landfills, but a refinished tub is considered to be a “recycled” product that does not cause environmental damage.

As hotel owners, managers and homeowners continue to make bathroom renovation decisions, bathtub repairs and refinishing will be an option that will be favorable among those who are looking to save time and money in uncertain economic times. Surface restoration will not only add a unique element to the renovation, it will also increase the property’s value.

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