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A garage is more than just a place we park our cars to protect it from storms, debris, and of course, all of that pollen that comes with Spring. We use our garages to fix equipment, build new projects, and even hang out with our friends. If we protect our vehicles from everyday outdoor messes then why don’t we do the same with our floors? People don’t realize or think about the benefits that come with garage floor coatings. There are different products Southern States Refinishing uses such as, polishing, acid stains and dyes, acrylic, and polyaspartic coatings. These can give your floor a stylish new look and protect them from everyday wear and tear. Not only are these products important for your garage floor but they are extremely economical as well.


When you think about it our garage floors take a pretty good beating just about everyday. We drive our cars in and out, drop heavy metal tools, etc. On top of that it is also being subjected to rain, dirt, and oil spills. Garage floors need a tougher and thicker coating in order to provide the protection needed. Epoxy last much longer than traditional concrete. You will no longer need to worry about abrasions, chipping, or stains. Have you ever placed a piece of cardboard under your car to keep the oil from touching the concrete because it’s near impossible to clean? When you apply one of these coatings all you need to do is wipe away where the oil landed with a rag and it’s good as new. With the attractive finish and no oil stains, you will see the re-sale value of your home increase as well. 


You will be shocked how easy keeping these floors clean are! Coatings don’t create dust like regular concrete floors do, making it look nicer from the start. Just sweep any dirt that may come in from outside or your workshop. You can even mop every once in while if you have any pesky dirt that won’t sweep away.


Slipping and falling is one of the most common household injuries so it’s very important to choose a floor that’s safe for the whole family. Your garage floor may get wet from rain, snow, or spills making it easier to slip especially if you are trying to carry in groceries. Kids also tend to run in and out making it more important to watch out for slippery spots. Most coatings provide non-slip additives, providing a safer walking or running zone even when water sneaks itself in. 


Garages don’t tend to provide much appeal to your house. With coatings your able to choose from many different designs and colors to make it just your own and compliments your home. Do you use your garage for more than just parking your car or wish you had a separate space to entertain guests? A garage is the perfect area to do so. Coatings with stained concrete can provide a nice finished look that make your friends say, “WOW!”. 

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