If you are looking for a wow factor in your garage, basement, living area, or business this is definitely the floor for you. This extremely durable metallic epoxy coating utilizes multiple coats of epoxy making it tough as nails, it’s easy to maintain, and really creates an eye catching appearance. 

Metallic Epoxy by Southern States Refinishing in North Georgia

What is Metallic Epoxy?

Despite the name, metallic epoxy, it actually does not contain any metal. So, what is it? This unique multilayer epoxy floor coating incorporates a metallic additive mixed into clear epoxy. Once it is properly mixed it is applied to the floor and as it continues to cure the metallic powder will move through the epoxy creating a lava flow or pearlescent design.  

Metallic epoxy pigment before being mixed into the clear epoxy
metallic epoxy

So now we know what it is. How is metallic epoxy applied?

As always the concrete floor will need to be properly prepped. Southern States Refinishing takes great pride in our prepping skills because we know that it is the most important step when working with concrete coatings, weather it’s metallic epoxy, epoxy flake, staining, etc. Our team will diamond grind the concrete to remove a previous coating, residue, or any other contaminants on the floor. Additionally, this step will open up the pores allowing the epoxy to create a strong long-lasting bond to the concrete. Once the floor and edges are properly prepped it’s time for the first coat. We will apply a solid color primer and allow that to cure. The next step is where the fun and creativity comes in! The metallic pigment will be mixed into the clear epoxy as mentioned above. We then, pour the mixture on the surface and it will be spread across the floor with a squeegee. This is going to add depth and that eye-catching look you are striving to achieve. Some of our clients like to add an accent color for more color variation throughout the floor. If this is desired, it will be poured on the floor with the primary color and gently applied with a roller. Once the coating has cured it’s time for the last step. We will apply a final top coat of 2K clear urethane. This will add further protection to the surface by creating a UV resistant, Scratch-free, and easy to clean surface. 

metallic epoxy
Metallic epoxy applied by Southern States Refinishing for a soon to be salon

How unique is this floor?

One of our favorite things about this coating is that no two floors will be exactly the same. What if you choose the exact same colors as someone else? Well, you may think how different can it really be? Southern States Refinishing uses a self-leveling epoxy which means once we roll the coating out onto the floor it will continue to level itself out as it cures. Going into the high and low spot of the seemingly flat concrete causing the color to possibly appear lighter or darker in different areas. The swirls from the metallic epoxy are going to slightly change and in return provide a one of a kind metallic epoxy coating just for you. 


Garage: Alpharetta, Ga
Garage: Dahlonega, Ga

Both these garages used a black primer with a pearl metallic epoxy. You can see how the color came out very similar on the both of them but the design still slightly differs. 

Still not sure?

Here are some photos of metallic epoxy we applied in a 3,500 sq. ft. home in Dahlonega, Ga. You can see how once the epoxy began to level out the different type of swirls, depth, and color variation it provided. 


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