Polished Concrete and Epoxy Flooring in Dunwoody, Georgia

Polished Concrete Garage Floor- click picture for more information about polished concrete floors in Dunwoody, Georgia
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Epoxy Concrete Garage Floor, click picture for more information about epoxy floors in Dunwoody, Georgia

Do you live in Dunwoody, Georgia and looking to update your plain concrete floors? Southern States refinishing has been applying polished concrete and epoxy flooring systems since1980. Say goodbye to lifeless, boring concrete floors and update your garage, basement, or commercial building in Dunwoody, Georgia with polished concrete or epoxy flooring. Call our team of experts at Southern States Refinishing at 770-355-2453 for your no-hassle free estimate in Dunwoody today! We are your trusted concrete experts. 



  • Durable: Polished concrete is much more durable than other flooring options. They are perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic or where heavy equipment is going to be used. Therefore, polished concrete is ideal for commercial buildings and garages where you park your car daily. 
  • Non-Slip: Polished concrete meets OSHA guidelines because of their non-slip characteristics. OSHA guidelines are set of rules to provide safe working conditions for employees. In other words, polished concrete is seen as kid-friendly and great for commercial buildings with concrete floors!
  • Easy Maintenance: You will be shocked when you discover how easy it is to keep polished concrete floors clean in Dunwoody, Georgia. All these beautiful concrete floors need is an occasional sweep and mop. Additionally, they create less dust than the original concrete floors you may currently have. That means, less cleaning and less allergies.
  • A Few More Benefits of Polished Concrete in Dunwoody, Georgia Include: Non-yellowing, abrasion resistant, fast drying, low odor, long life-span, environmentally friendly, and LEED approved.  

Epoxy Concrete Floors

  • Variety in colors and designs: Southern States offers a wide range of different colors and designs when it comes to epoxy concrete floors. You are able to choose from epoxy floor flakes, metallic, and novalic epoxy. Click here to read more about the different types of epoxy our team offers. Call 770-355-2453 to receive a free estimate.
  • Easy Maintenance: All these floors need is a quick sweeping and mopping to stay spotless. Epoxy coatings offer safety standards for food & beverage facilities such as, restaurants and bars. As well as industrial warehouses and pharmaceutical labs where floors need easy maintenance and bacteria resistance. Plus, just like polished concrete floors, epoxy concrete floors create less dust!
  • Durable: Companies that choose these types of commercial floors in Dunwoody, Georgia benefit from them because they hold up to heavy traffic and meet FDA/USDA regulations. 

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