Epoxy Floor Coatings in North Georgia

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Whether you need a new epoxy floor installation or have issues with your existing epoxy floors, AAA Southern States Refinishing are experts at providing a flooring solution to meet your needs and budget. With over 30 years of concrete experience, we offer highly-skilled design, installation and maintenance of epoxy floor coatings for residential and commercial projects.

Industrial & Commercial Epoxy Floors

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Epoxy coatings offer safety standards for food & beverage facilities like restaurants and bars as well as industrial warehouses and pharmaceutical labs where floors need easy maintenance and bacteria resistance. Companies that choose these types of commercial floors need to hold up to heavy traffic or meet FDA/USDA regulations.

Decorative Epoxies

metallic epoxy

Epoxy flooring systems also provide stylish solutions that meet decorative and functional requirements. Retail stores, showrooms and building entrances typically want the same functionality as industrial and medical buildings, but also need to make them attractive for potential clients and shoppers.

Different Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Durability and chemical resistance make amine floor coatings ideal in areas where corrosive chemicals are present. They are highly desirable for companies that also need floors with built-in water resistance. The only drawback is these concrete overlays require additional coating applications, and they also dry much slower than other epoxy options.

Specialty epoxy formed when fatty acids and polyamine combine and react. Offer decent water and corrosive chemical resistance while also providing strength and low viscosity. May only be applied in certain temperature conditions as they cure slowly.

Multi-purpose epoxies for a variety of uses. Offer flexible resilience, but due to their porosity, may not be used in some temperatures.

Coatings made from phenolics or novolacs offer some of the best resistance available whether heat, solvent, chemical or corrosive. However, they are easily damaged and take extra curing time.

Southern States Refinishing also offers moisture vapor barrier flooring for moisture mitigation, concrete repair & restoration and decorative epoxy overlays. Our relationship with multiple manufacturers allows us to offer epoxy products in a variety of colors to suit your budget, required durability and décor.

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Color Chart for Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings