Garage Floor Coatings in North Georgia

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AAA Southern States Refinishing offers all types of garage floor coatings that will fit your taste and budget. For your home or office, we have the following garage flooring systems:
Dual epoxy and polyaspartic garage floor coatings
Metallic Epoxy garage floor coatings
Garage floor concrete stains and more.
Our team of epoxy coatings specialists knows what works on garage floors. Our flooring systems last and are all covered with a great warranty. If you live in Cumming, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Buford, Gainesville, Dawsonville or surrounding areas, give us a call! We would love to discuss your garage floor needs with you.

Garage Floor Surface Prep

We use diamond grinding to prepare our garage floors for coating. Hot tire pick up is caused by tires as they contract while they cool. This contraction pulls the garage floor coating off of the floor’s surface. If the surface is prepped properly right from the start, the coating stays in place. Our concrete prep grinders weigh over 600 pounds. We use them to remove all contaminates and prepare the surface for coating. We can also remove old worn or failed coatings with our machines. Notice the pile of concrete dust to the left of the machine. This is more than adequate surface prep to insure our primer coat wicks into the surface. Light weight machines just don’t prep like our machine does.

grinding edges of garage floors as part of prep work for epoxy coatings

Importance of Grinding Garage Floor Edges

I know what the competition is thinking, “WOW, THEY DO EDGES!”


Edging is a very important step in garage floor coating systems. Garages get a lot of action along these edges and therefore need prepping before application of epoxy coating. When coating a garage floor, details are very important.


Ask your garage coating professional if they will be grinding the edges as well. If edges aren’t properly prepped during removal of the old coating, the new garage floor coating may not bond. We believe in the “adding more” approach: floor prep, floor prep, floor prep! All garage floor coatings rely on it, and so do we.

Complete Garage Floor Coating Installation

This is the finished garage floor coating. The finished product is our hybrid epoxy/polyaspartic flake system. A coating that provides an economical and long lasting finish. This garage floor coating is abrasion resistant making it perfect for a residential garage. We use this same system for commercial and industrial garage projects with great results.

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