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A lot of people want to hide the concrete in their basement with carpet or other flooring options. Concrete is actually the best option for basements. You can even add different colors and designs to create a look that matches your home. Why do people choose to cover their concrete floors? 

Reason # 1: Bare concrete doesn't provide a welcoming look

When you think of a flooring option that provides a warm and welcoming look, carpet is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately, carpet is not recommended for basements. Just like you want to avoid carpet in the bathroom you want to avoid it in the basement. Since basements are underground they tend to hold moisture and give mold a better chance to grow and cause an odd smell. In order to avoid odors, dust mites, and mold it’s recommended to vacuum carpet a few times a week which may become an inconvenience. The possibilities are endless when it comes to concrete floors and enhancing their look to provide a welcoming atmosphere. You can give your concrete basement floors a marble, stone, or earthy tone. These features may stand out as the most attractive feature in your home. Decorative concrete will also decrease allergies by reducing dampness. Additionally, when you choose to have work done on your concrete floors they will create less dust and they are easy to clean. A quick mop and sweep when necessary are all that is needed for these beautiful floors.   

Reason #2: Concrete is slippery

A great benefit to polished and stained concrete is that they contain non-slip additives creating a kid-friendly environment! These concrete floors are actually recommended in commercial kitchens and warehouses because they meet OSHA guidelines. These provide safe work environments for employees in North Georgia. There is no need to worry when you have a house full of kids running around on decorative concrete floors. 

Reason #3: Concrete has cracks

It is true that some concrete has cracks but that doesn’t mean it’s not fixable. A lot of our customers say that these “imperfections” provide a rustic or antique look and love it. It’s also possible to fill these cracks and make them less visible. Decorative concrete is one of the most durable flooring options. Southern States Refinishing takes extra measures to provide a floor that will not crack, peel, or fade. We will seal the floor with a protective layer that also intensifies the color you chose for your stained concrete floors. 

Reason #4: Price

When deciding to update our home, the cost is the first thing that we think about. There are two aspects of price when making a decision: upfront cost and maintenance. As we mentioned before decorative concrete is extremely durable therefore it is also long-lasting. You won’t need to worry about replacing them every few years or if you decide to sell your house. They also, increase the value of your home, which is more money in your pocket! Since they are easy maintenance you don’t need to spend extra money getting them cleaned or dealing with mold removal. Southern States Refinishing even offers a warranty if something were to happen to your concrete floors. We have extremely competitive and economical prices as well. 

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